6mm HSS Carpentry Countersink Drill High Speed Steel 5 Flute Drill Bit with Wrench

Description:6mm Three Sharp HSS Carpentry Countersink Drill High Speed Steel Drill Bit + WrenchSpecification:Material: High Carbon SteelShank: Round HandleDrill material: HSS / High Speed SteelWoodworking Drilling Diameter: 6mmChamfer Diameter: 15.8mmChamfering Specifications: Five BladeAdvantages:chamfering five blade, chip faster, more smooth sink hole.Five edge chamfer is in the use of the process can be faster discharge chips, disposable smooth drilled countersink the screw cap embedded perfect surface.Note:This product is best used in conjunction with bench, hand drill during operation centered instability, leading to easy bending and breaking the drill.Package Included:1 x Drill Bit + WrenchMore Details:

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Doersupp 15pcs 1.5-10mm Twist Drill Bits Titanium Coated HSS Twist Drill

Description:Doersupp 15pcs 1.5-10mm Twist Drill Bits Titanium Coated HSS Twist DrillSpecification:Material: HSSCoated:TitaniumQuantity: 15pcsSizeTool lengthOverall length1.5mm18mm40mm2mm24mm49mm2.5mm30mm57mm3mm33mm61mm3.5mm39mm68mm4mm43mm75mm4.5mm47mm80mm5mm52mm83mm5.5mm57mm93mm6mm57mm93mm6.5mm62mm98mm7mm69mm101mm8mm75mm117mm9mm81mm125mm10mm87mm133mmFeatures:- Difficult to machine the workpiece can be processed stainless steel, tool steel, through heat treatment, high speed steel to obtain high hardness,high wear resistance and high toughness.- Whole by grinding forming, accurate size, high life, the efficacy of long.- Can be used radial drill, bench drill or hand drill chuck for drilling operations.Suitable For: luminum, wood, malleable and deep hole drilling positioning holes iron.Package Included:15 x twist drill bitMore Details:

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Drillpro 18PCS Screwdriver Drill Bit Set 5PCS 2-6mm Twist Drill Bit 12PCS Phillips Torx Square Screwdriver Bit and Quick

Description:Drillpro 18PCS Screwdriver Drill Bit Set 5PCS 2-6mm Twist Drill Bit 12PCS Phillips Torx Square Screwdriver Bits and Quick Change Extension RodSpecification:5PCS 2-6mm Twist Drill Bits:Material: HSSSize: 2,3,4,5,6mmShank: 1/4 Inch Hex Shank12PCS Screwdriver Bits:Material: S2 AlloyPhillips: 2PCSxPH2(25mm), 1PCSxPH2(50mm), 1PCSxPH3(25mm), 1PCSxPH3(50mm)Torx: 1PCSxT20(25mm), 1PCSxT25(25mm), 1PCSxT25(50mm)Square: 2PCSxS2(25mm),2PCSxS2(50mm), 2PCSxS3(25mm)Shank: 1/4 Inch Hex ShankQuick Change Extension Rod:Shank: 1/4 Inch Hex ShankHead: Inner1/4 Inch HexFeatures:1. 1/4 bit holder with strong magnetic ensures that the screwdriver head is firmly connected and will not fall.2. Screwdriver bit set are suitable for all kinds of electrical repair, auto repair, machine repair, interior decoration, etc., widely match most hand drills, impact drills, electric screwdrivers, etc.3. The Screw driver surface coating treatment, not easy to rust; strong torque, high hardness are durable;the head is CNC-machined to effectively reduce wear during high-intensity work.4. Multi-specification screwdriver bits are suitable for different types of screws, providing work efficiency.5. The lock design is easy to carry, and the screwdriver head is not easy to lose.Package Included:18PCS X Screwdriver Drill Bit Set1 x Storage BoxMore Details:

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20pcs 4-40mm Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set for Tiles Ceramic Glass Marble

Description:20pcs 4-40mm Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Set for Tiles Ceramic Glass MarbleSpecification:Material: DiamondColor: SilverLength: 50mm/1.96Drilling size: 4/5/6/7/8/10/12/13/14/15/16/18/20/22/25/27/30/32/35/40mmQuantity: 20PcsFeatures:-Cut resistance is small, improve the opening speed, slotted easy to decorate, chip removal easily.-Opening neat, smooth, no broken edges, will not produce tremor.-Can be used for glass, ceramics, marble and other hard and brittle materials, drilling, grinding Buddha beads, jade and so on.-Instructions for use:-Glass drilling device is installed in the use of ordinary hand drill (electric drill to speed better), because this hole is not the central positioning of the drill bit, be careful when operating, let the hole at a slow slow access to glass Useless side of the hole out of a crescent, and then put a bit is used to locate the crescent, so you can successfully complete the hole operation.-Note that when the hole in the speed can not be too fast, must be slow, in the process of opening the hole must be added water cooling device.Package Included:20 x Hole sawMore Details:

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Mini Pin Vise Wood Spiral Semi-automatic Hand Drill with Chuck for Jewelry Tool Micro Twist Bit

Description:Mini Pin Vise Wood Spiral Semi-automatic Hand Drill with Chuck for Jewelry Tool Micro Twist BitFeatures:Full Metal.Self-driven turbine, hand drill automatic, accurate and efficient.High-precision, double-chuck, can clip 0.2~2.0mm drill.Hand-pressure rotary drilling, time-saving, convenient and quick.Drilling amber, beeswax, wood, plastic, walnut, rubber, and other manual.Operating skills:Positioning firstly when to punch the smooth objects.When to punch the harder objects, make a hole with a small dril, then expanded with a large one.Pry a little When to install 2.0 bits.Note:Wear protective when using tools or emergency situation should be noted.Please keep the force in perpendicular direction, even forced rotation.Suitable for wood, plastic, rubber, model and others material to drilling hole..This is not suitable for agate, jade, metal, steel and other hard materials.Specifications:Material: steel, alloy(chuck)Color: SilverLength: 11cmChuck clamping range: 0.2-2.0mmUse shank Typer: round handlePackage Included:1 x Semi-automatic Hand drill(inside with a chuck )1 x ChuckMore Details:

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Brushless Li-ion Battery Drill Industry Household 3 Speed Rechargable Impact Screw Driver Drill Adapted To 18V Makita Ba

nullSPECIFICATIONSName: Cordless Brushless Impact DrillAdapted to 18V Makita batteryColor: yellow blackVoltage:18VBattery Voltage: 88V 10000mAhMax. Torque: 260NmNo Load Speed: 0-2800r/minChuck Size:13mmFlat drill function/Hammer funtion/Screwdriver function 3 in 1OPERATION-Delivers up to 260N.m of torque and 2800RPM of speed-20+3 stage settings, delivers 20 torque settings and a drill mode for high precision working-1/2″ keyless three-jaw drill chuck for quick and simple bit replacement, holding up to 13mm bit-With in LED working light, provides illumination in dark spaces as you work-3in1 forward / reverse / lock switch, support forward / reverse driving and safe lockingWARNINGTo reduce the risk of injury, wear safety boggles or glasses with side shields.Package Included1 x Cordless Impact Drill1 x Battery1 x Charger1 x Manual(We will provide adapter according to delivery country)

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Doersupp 4-22mm Hex Shank Step Cone Drill Bit HSS Titanium Coated Hole Cutter

Description:Doersupp 4-22mm Hex Shank Step Cone Drill Bit HSS Titanium Coated Hole CutterSpecification:MaterialHigh speed steel 4241Size4-22 mm (10 Setps: 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20 22mm)Shank6mm(dia),25mm(L)Total75mm(L)Features:The ladder of its unique structure, a bit can open a variety of specifications of aperture.Do not need to use center punch, compared with the ordinary twist drill is not easy to be broken.Deburring, chamfering, elliptic hole enlargement, twist drill, the function of them was unable,but it is possible.The use of tools: drill, bench drill.Work while water cooling, can effectively extend the service life of drill bit, recommend drilling rate of 250-250 RPM.Package Included:1 x Step DrillMore Details:

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3pcs HSS Self Centering Hinge Drill Bit Holes Wood Working Reaming Tool Countersink Drill Bit

Description:3pcs HSS Self Centering Hinge Drill Bit Holes Woodworking Reaming ToolSpecification:Material: High speed steelColor: SilverShank diameter: Approx. 6mm/0.23Quantity: 3pcsHole SizeHole diameterSelf-tapping screws7/64 2.8mm3-3.5mm9/64 3.5mm4-4.5mm11/64 4.5mm5-5.5mmFeatures:-Positioning accuracy, will not shift, sawdust from the top of the drill hole on both sides of the automatic discharge, will not be stuck bit.-The door and window hinge is fixed on the door and window by screws. This product is used for opening the hole of hinge hole of door and window. The drillingsleevecan fix the position well and ensure the precision of drilling. It is a good tool to improve the drilling efficiency.-Compact design, powerful, whether it is Friends of the Friends of the project or the use of wood are in your hands weapon.-How to use:-When opening, adjust the hardness according to the appropriate wood, if the wood soft, can choose a small one, if the hard wood, can choose the corresponding orlarger on the 1st.Package Included:3 x HSS Drill Bit Set (7/64, 9/64, 11/64)More Details:

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YUNZHONG DC5V Micro Mini Electric Hand Drill Nail Beauty Portable DIY Hobby Craft Projects Power Drill Grinder Polishing

Description:Easy and wide use: This electric hand drill has very mini grinder body, convenient to use. Perfect to be used for jwelry jade diamond stone polishing, wood drilling, small handicraft carving and other hobby DIY crafting projects.For dental processing, denture grinding, nail beauty, mold grinding, cutting, polishing, arts and crafts, gem jade jewelry processing industry, metal processing and machinery manufacturing industriesFeature:Brand:YUNZHONGChuck range: 0-3MMInput voltage: 220VMotor speed: 18000r.p.m.Motor maximum voltage: DC5V5V mini electric grinder: convenient, compact and easy to carryPackage included:1XMini DIY Drill

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Mini Hand Drill and 30pcs 0.5mm-3mm Twist Drill Bit Model Craft Tools Rotary Tool

Description:Hand Drill + 30pcs 0.5mm-3mm Mini Twist Drill Bits Set DIY Model Craft ToolsSpecification:Twist Drill Bit Material: High Speed SteelPin Vise Size: 90mm / 3.53inchChuck Clamping Range: 0.2-3.4mmDrill Bits Size:3pcs: 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm;2pcs: 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm,1.8mm;1pc: 2mm, 2.3mm, 2.5mm, 2.8mm, 3mmApplication: Craft Rotary ToolFeatures:- Durable and sturdy- Complete size, 0.5mm-3mm- Easy to use and simple- Suitable for the materials of PVC, wood, resin, amber, beads, jewelry,Package included:1 x Hand Drill30 x Twist BitsMore Details:

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