/M5StickC NeoFlash Module RGB LED Matrix 126 RGB LED Primordial Board 3 Colors for Each Pixel

M5StickC NeoFlash Module RGB LED Matrix 126 RGB LED Primordial Board 3 Colors for Each Pixel

Description:NeoFlash HATis specifically designed for M5StickC, it is an RGB LED matrix. Space on PCB board is 58×23.5mm and total include 126 RGB LEDs. Every single RGB LED is programmable, which allows you setting the colors and brightness, plus on the 7*18 matrix layout, you will have a nice experience on either display digital numbers or colorful light effection.We even prepared a dark brown acrylic board to cover on the NeoFlash board for better effection. We also provide two types of pin set with a 90-degree bend so that you can attach the NeoFlash board onto M5StickC in different ways. If you thinking about adding a display on your project, NeoFlash is a good choice.Product Features:Primordial three basic colors for each pixelTotal brightness levels: 0-255Achievable of 16777216 completed all-color display.24-bit RGB data: 8-bit for each colorRGB LED Quantity: 126 pcsHole Distance: 0.1 in-(2.54 mm)Hole Dimension: 0.039 1mm (CNC Factory)Assembly Approach: back to back (default) / horizontal contactWeightDimension:Dimension: 58mm x 23.5mm x 1mmWeight: 2gPackage Included:1x Neoflash HAT2x 8 pin 2.54mm bend pin set(90)1x 2mm dark brown acrylic board2x 15cm string (#71 0.4mm)Application:LED Matrix DisplayDigital ClockColorful Led Display1.EasyLoader is a simple and fast program burner. Every product page in EasyLoader provides a product-related case program. It can be burned to the master through simple steps, and a series of function verification can be performed.(Currentl

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