/Geekcreit DIY 4 Digit LED Electronic Clock Kit Temperature Light Control Version

Geekcreit DIY 4 Digit LED Electronic Clock Kit Temperature Light Control Version

Color (Optional):Red LED without case / Red LED with caseBlue LED without case / Blue LED with caseGreen LED without case / Green LED with caseWhite LED without case / White LED with casePlease choose the one you need.Manual: please click here to openThe difference with SKU142210:Add a photosensitive resistance, can detect the ambient light, when night lights can automatically become dim, neither affect sleep nor see the time;At the same time add a thermistor can test the environmental temperature (Temperature display once every 30 seconds).Feature:Name: 4 digit 1 inch LED digital clock kit (Light Control Version)PCB Dimension: 98 x 35 x 1.6 mm (L x W x H)Case dimension: 105 x 46 x 29 mm (L x H x D)Digit dimension: 1 inchWorking voltage: DC 5VWorking current: 40mANet weight: 134g (with case) 81g (without case)Case material: Crystal caseCircuit: Welding assemblyprocess : It have written a program can be used directly.Can charging with your cell phone charger.With dark foil so that in the night will not looks too bright.Function:Work precise, power memory, alarm function, the whole point timekeeping, you can set the whole point of time during the day and at night is not reported , the port is reserved for download.24 hours display, cant switch to 12 hours.Package included:1 x (Red / Blue / Green / White LED kit) / (Red / Blue / Green / White LED with case kit) (It depends on your choose)Renderings:

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