/Diamond Fabric Yoga Towel Yoga Towel Printing Yoga Mats

Diamond Fabric Yoga Towel Yoga Towel Printing Yoga Mats

Weight: 350 (g)Thickness: 1mmProduct No.: Phoenix Dance SeriesProduct category: Yoga towel exercise towelSpecification: Diamond fabricApplicable scenarios: sports trend, fitness, running, yoga, fitness, outdoorColor: as shown in the figureSpecification: 63cm * 183cmFabric: MicrofiberIngredients: 85% polyester, 15% nylonHow to use:I. The Yoga mat can be used as a portable Yoga Mat: because the mat is light and easy to hit inside, outdoor yoga, Mountain Yoga, seaside yoga and hotIf its not convenient to take ordinary PVC yoga mat with you, you can take a towel and lay it on the ground or on the grass or the beach, on which you can do yoga easily.2. Ensure personal hygiene and keep away from the public yoga matMany yoga clubs will provide skillful or public yoga mats, but you dont want to share them with others, and you dont want to go on the road with yoga mats on your back. You can consider a light yoga mat. As long as it is spread on the yoga mat, avoid the smell of yoga mat from close breath, avoid the direct contact between human body and plastic yoga mat, keep the breath happy, body and mind happy, both healthy and beautiful.3. Quickly absorb sweat and dust to keep your body in a clean and comfortable Yoga state.Yoga towel is made of fiber. The fabric is soft and considerate. Its water absorption is your choice for summer practice or hot yoga.4. Yoga towel is used as a yoga mat.PVC or TPE yoga mat is not easy to clean, which has been bothering Yoga lovers. If you put a tow

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